About Bayou Industrial

Bayou Industrial Sales LLC's goal is to help provide solutions and provide those solutions quickly to avoid unnecessary down time or delays in startup.  Whether it's helping with your day to day valve/automation needs or solving your emergency valve needs we will be there to help. 

Above: Repair plates installed on crude oil, floating roof, with vapor space present.  This repair allowed the customer to keep this tank in service due to Forge Tech's patented portable forge bonding technology.

We can repair leaks in your tank without taking the tank out of service.  Through Forge Tech's patented portable forge bonding process, we are able to install studs, gasket, and metal plate over your leak, assuring you keep your tank in service until your next inspection.

Under the "Product Line Sheet" tab you will find a complete list of our product lines and offering.  To inquire about new valves, valve repair, leak sealing, or valve / tank repairs, please click "contact" at the top of the page and send your information and we will be back with you immediately.